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Lighting desingn


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We deliver our lighting designs through our in-house developed lighting platform, simplifying the entire process, and providing clear visualization. Our lighting design process involves a sequence of creative choices within a framework of the goals and objectives for each project. We establish goals and develop design objectives through interaction with the owner, architect, interior designer, and other project design team members.

We focus on the sustainable design of lighting concepts and systems utilizing both natural and artificial lighting to enhance architectural spaces. We immerse ourselves in the design process of each project, uncovering the challenges, untangling the facts, and delivering intelligent and elegant lighting solutions that add value and make sense. 

Value Engineering


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We focus on maximizing our customer's budget. We improve project outcome and value by reducing cost while maintaining performance, quality, and style. If a new product is required, our LED R&D team will assemble and test the economics and benefits of new product developments. Our track record has proven to save thousands to clients on upfront project costs on a vast majority of lighting designs.

Custom Prodct Design


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We love to create custom fixture designs that deliver on innovation, adding value, and uniqueness to each project. We collaborate with end-users to design and oversee the fabrication of unique lighting fixtures for site and brand applications. Our experienced team of designers and engineers deliver LED lighting engine specification and design integration to maximize illumination efficiency while enhancing fixture aesthetics. Establishing an unforgettable lit environment and human experience is always our goal when we have the opportunity to design custom fixtures.

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Ideas succeed when they exceed expectations visually, emotionally, and practically – and you want to fully engage us on your project.

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