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Back to school with UVC Lighting! Is the technology safe and can it effectively kill COVID-19?

The wait for the post-COVID-19 era is getting longer by the day. The world is raring to return to the normalcy we are used to. But no one exactly knows when that will be.

Experts have continuously reminded us of how normalcy may be challenging to attain. The pandemic has changed our lives significantly, and the more realistic option will be to adjust. Adjustments like improved personal and public hygiene is necessary to prevent another outbreak or a relapse.

One of the many ways to achieve this is with the introduction of UV lights. It is no news that UV lights offer excellent decontaminating capabilities – the reason for their increased adoption in places like hotels and restaurants, but more importantly schools and hospitals where they prevent contagion.

Read on to learn more about UV lights and their potentially central role in our quest to bounce back from the pandemic.

Where did UV Lights Come from?

The 19th century came with many historic breakouts in science. One is Charles Darwin’s introduction of the Theory of Evolution, which changed the world’s perception of life! Another is the discovery of the decontaminating effects of sunlight.

In the early 1930s, scientists adopted the use of sunlight to disinfect air and surfaces. Further investigation showed that it does this by preventing the expansion of microorganisms.[1]

Here is a clearer way to put it;