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CodeLumen: These 6 Powerful Features Will Turn Your Next Lighting Project Into "A Complete Success"

Whatever the technology of the future may hold, we will inevitably look back to find our current era defined by the digitalizing of human processes. Energy-efficient products are lauded as the best lighting solution, but has anyone ever taken into consideration the amount of human time and energy it takes just to plan a lighting project?

A core focus in modern lighting is to increase the energy efficiency and functionality of products. (This also happens to conveniently address global warming concerns.) The New York Times published a recent article titled “America’s Light Bulb Revolution” which explains at length how the implementation and popularity of LED technology is responsible for reviving one of America’s oldest industries.

For anyone unfamiliar to the lighting process, it can be a lengthy endeavor from start to finish. A significant amount of man-hours are spent getting every detail right. With an inexhaustible array of options, lighting projects can quickly become an overwhelming mess.

The lighting industry is fragmented and complex. With every builder and architect hard at work designing something new and innovative, it has become difficult to organize processes in an ever-changing industry. Innumerable players are manufacturing thousands of products and the global lighting fixtures market is projected to reach a valuation of approximately USD 106 Billion by the end of 2022.

At CodeLumen, our goal is to address the lighting process from both ends. We create using energy-efficient products, while also developing technologies that optimize workflow in ways that save time and energy.- Julio Gabbert | CodeLumen Co-Founder

The CodeLumen platform brings together human creativity and innovative technology to produce energy-efficient solutions that don’t add to global climate change. Our process decreases power costs up to 80% and our cutting edge lighting platform reduces project completion time by half. We make the process easier by keeping every project detail accessible, on the go, and in real-time.

It’s easy to calculate electricity consumption, so building products and measuring the results is fairly simple. Measuring time and energy expended throughout the entire lifecycle of a lighting project is far more difficult. Time and brainpower are valuable, so we set out to build a platform that saves time and energy by making the lighting process less overwhelming.

"The core of our technology is built around Interactive Floor Plans and Smart Icon Technology." - Luis E Medina | CodeLumen Co-Founder