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Say Hello to Smart Outdoor Lighting: Discover The New WiFi Enabled Equinox Collection by CodeLumen

Illuminating the future outdoor living


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  • Commercial


The Equinox roof, an Omnimax brand, is an innovative high-tech residential and commercial solar powered outdoor patio system. The louvered roof system, powered by the Somfy interface, enables users to take control of their outdoor patio living environments. With the simple touch of a button, you can open, close, and/or tilt the louvers to maximize the comfort and quality of your outdoor living experience.


To maximize the night time outdoor living experience of Equinox end-users.


Driven by the idea of adding smart lighting to further enhance the Equinox experience into the darker hours of the night, the Equinox team began experimenting with commercial outdoor lighting products. After several failed attempts, the Equinox team noticed that commercial lighting fixtures lacked the necessary technology to be compatible with the Somfy interface (wireless On-Off and dimming functionality). Morevower, the lighting fixtures models used on the initial attempts lacked proper functionality and versatility.

Our Challenge

To create custom-made (design, engineer, and manufacture) unique lighting fixtures compatible with Equinox louvered roofs and Somfy interface. In addition, the lighting fixtures had to be user-friendly and easy-to-install.

Our Solution

Our professional design and engineering teams created high-quality architectural outdoor rated lighting fixtures that seamlessly integrate with the new Equinox interface (Somfy).

Our core design goal was to create high-quality minimalistic contemporary low profile fixtures. Each lighting fixture was meticulously designed to be versatil, durable, weatherproof, and energy-efficient. Furthermore, the versatility of all models needed to fulfil the demands of the three main outdoor lighting applications (1) task lighting, (2) general lighting, and (3) accent lighting.

In addition, our engineering team implemented outstanding functionality in all models. We used state-of-the-art LED technology to guarantee longer LED lifetime expectancy and better lighting consistency, especially when dimming was a requirement.

Finally, our circuitry and specific components allow our fixtures to be compatible with the Somfy interface. With this implementation, a digital signal can be sent by the Somfy interface to control our fixtures (i.e. On-Off, and dimming) with a user-friendly Somfy app.

The end result, an outdoor living and lighting experience that can be controlled with a simple touch of a button.

Equinox Lightning Fixtures in diffrent finishes

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