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6 Lighting Trends That Will Completely Transform The Future of The Office Space

The past few months have been a time to reflect and work on what is important. We have been in isolation as a result of a problem that affects the entire world. But despite these scary times, we have managed to keep a positive side while relishing the chance to bounce back and make things better. Offices as we know it may begin to change; the post-pandemic life will be better and stronger. Our offices should not be left out – there are tons of room for improvements.

Are you wondering what could change in our office space to make it better? It is no magic potion. Rather, it is light! Yes, light. Light remains one of the primary sources of power and energy around the work area. On a closer look, you will agree that light is one of the contributory factors to productivity in the workspace. A balance in lighting is a prerequisite for a productive and comfortable workspace.

Thanks to technology and innovation, the lighting game has switched up to whole new levels. Join us as we explore these advancements and how it can improve our work environment.

Trend #1 - LI-FI

Have you ever wondered what is more effective than the internet alone? Well, I've got the answer for you. It is LI-FI.

LI-FI may sound out of this world, but its exceptional qualities can be applied to many businesses. Technology has surpassed our expectations with this combination. LI-FI is a wireless communication technology that uses the LED lights to transmit data and, at the same time, provide a fast and efficient network connection.[1]

But how is this even possible? An electrical current is applied to a LED bulb, then a stream of light is emitted. The brightness of these LED bulbs allows the sending and modulation of signals at different rates. The said signal can be received by a detector, after which it is sent in the form of data. This modulation can't be processed by the human eye. However, it makes communication and connectivity seamless and efficient.[2]

Perhaps, you want to ask what does LI-FI has over the regular WIFI? The answer is not far-fetched. Despite both being wireless, the LI-FI technology utilizes VLC or infrared communication and near-UV spectrum waves, while WIFI uses radio waves. Here is another point to convince you about how incredible this technology is. LI-FI increases bandwidth efficacy by 100 times more than WIFI, plus it can transmit a connection at a speed of 224 GB per second.

Intelligent lighting systems also fall into this category. The LIFI transmission system is an intelligent network that can respond to or send orders to various networks simultaneously. This comes in handy for commercial and office buildings, healthcare facilities, or any other large space that fits the one-size-fits-all description.

What’s more? This new connectivity synchronizes all lighting into the same network[3]. Your workspace will benefit from this incredible fixture. It is ground-breaking and offers brilliant illumination via the fastest connectivity!

Trend #2 - Daylight Harvesting

2020 has taught us that nothing is secure, and things can change in an instant. This is why we must work collaboratively to keep our planet safe. Energy consumption is one of the most significant factors for environmental pollution. Fortunately, companies now work hard to reduce this risk and maintain a healthy environment.

Offices use around 17% of their total energy consumption for electric lighting; this is huge. What better way to reduce costs than using daylight harvesting? This concept has been used by "green buildings" to reduce energy consumption associated with artificial lighting. This method entails using natural lighting from windows for illumination. But it is effectively maximized in buildings like these.

This illumination system requires an automatic and smart light control system to efficiently adjust the illumination levels according to the requirements. It does this by regulating the strength of the fixture as needed. Interestingly, this smart system can easily adjust the illumination levels based on the time of the day. For instance, when there is direct sunlight during the day, less light will be needed. As the sun sets, the light starts to intensify, making it brighter yet energy-efficient.[4]

How incredible it is to have a fixture that is smart and at the same time is energy-efficient? The planet will definitely thank us! Get to know more about our energy-efficient LED lighting solutions - click here.

Trend #3 - Light Therapy

Your employees’ mental health is crucial to an efficient and healthy working environment. No one likes stress. Being stressed for long periods can affect our performance in the workplace. But with this solution implemented in your workplace, you can say bye to stress.

Light therapy has shown its positive effects on the human circadian rhythm. It is used for various treatments such as SAD disorder, skin, meditation, and relaxation methods. [5]

How can light therapy positively affect our health?

This type of therapy targets the human biological clock. It reboots the system, coordinates sleep, improves mood, and relaxes the body.

Still not convinced?

Light therapy was also incredibly beneficial in the past. It was a crucial treatment mechanism during the Spanish flu back in the 19th century. Light (UV light) is a potent means of disinfecting spaces, making it a handy solution for pandemic times like this!

If you would like to learn more about UV and its disinfectant effects, visit our past blog HERE.

HACK: How incredible would it be to have mediation rooms for employees with this fantastic light? The serenity and peace of mind such spaces offer can relax the body and help to refuel for work.

Trend #4 - Color Temperature Control

One of the hardest things when buying a new fixture is deciding the right temperature for the proposed space. For example, in an office space, a temperature of between 3500 K and 5500 K is needed for optimal results. The perfect balance is required to achieve maximum productivity and well being.

The magical wand of this feature is that you're able to have complete control of temperature. You can change from 3000K to 4000k or even to 5000k! You can also access the full management of the color emitted by your fixtures.

There are three different Color Temperature options to choose from:

  • ·White Color tuning: It adjusts the fixture's color temperature manually. The fixture comes with a dip switch with a temperature range of between 2700K and 5000k. The best part? The innovative LED drivers allow independent control of the color temperature and light output.

  • Warm Dimming LED lamps: This type of light was created to imitate the reflection of incandescent dimming, which is commonly seen in restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality centers. Here, the light is at the maximum output, but as the light glows, it changes to the color white. After it dims out, it naturally cools down and changes from white to yellow and red.

  • Full-Color Tuning LED: This incredible feature allows you to display any color output visible in the color spectrum! This can be achieved by RGB color control. The system can connect to a network or any device, with the software changing the colors. Also, there are various controls through USB ports, external controls, or even applications coming directly from lamps or luminaires. [6]

If color and temperature control interest you, this is the perfect fit for your business. There are various options to choose from. Learn how lighting affects your emotional, psychological, and physical well-being - click here.

Trend #5 - Sound Absorbing Lamps

When in an office, many things can distract us and be stumbling blocks on the path to achieve maximum productivity. One of them is the noise from your co-workers, outdoor areas like cars or trains, or even copiers!

According to the World Health Organization, excessive noise can cause several health problems, adversely affects workplace productivity, and affects social behavior. Fortunately, all these can be solved with the amazing sound-absorbing lamps.

These fixtures have materials that can reduce the ambient noise and balance the sounds in the surroundings. These lamps are the alternative form of sound-absorbing panels installed in walls or ceilings. They also make the space more aesthetically pleasing to the human eye.[7] So, by leveraging technology, we can create a fixture that will not only look dashing but improve the work environment and overall health.

Trend #6 - UV lights

With the pandemic still on the horizon, one of the most important concerns is safety. Going back to work does not need to be hazardous. As we know, improving technologies have surfaced, and UV lights are now a possible solution to maintain places clean and disinfected. Ultraviolet (UV) light is a type of electromagnetic radiation with a specific wavelength of 253.7 nanometers and is known to deactivate germs. In other words, UV-C can kill 99% of viruses, bacteria, mold, fungus, and yeast through the disruption of the DNA or RNA structure at the cellular level.

Since COVID-19 surfaced, many businesses successfully utilized UV lights for their reopening. Proper implementation of UV-C lights around the office premises can ensure effective decontamination. This will guarantee the safety of employees, which is the top priority.

There are three possible products that you can acquire for your work area:

  • Clean Air 1

Purifies upper room air in occupied spaces. It's perfect for offices since it continuously disinfects any area it can safely sanitize occupied spaces 24/7 around the clock without harming any employees. Learn more.

  • SA1

This is a fixed, UV-C solution that is ideal for unoccupied spaces. It is designed around your safety with a built-in PIR sensor that automatically shuts off when any motion is detected. This is ideal for after hours, so your workplace is clean in the morning when you come back to work. Learn more.

  • SA2

It is a fixed solution installed at ceilings or pendant mounted with a built-in PIR sensor to guarantee safety. This is ideal for small and medium spaces with manual disinfection session.

This method of purification is ideal for many applications because it is economical, safe, fast, and easy with simple use and maintenance. Learn more.

  • SA3

It is essentially the same as SA2 but less aesthetically pleasing, less powerful, and more cost-effective. Disinfection can be done as fast as 30 Minutes. The SA3, 36 UV Watts model, can disinfect an area of up to 333,6 sq.ft. in just two hours. Learn more.

The future is here. UV lights have successfully been applied and have helped many businesses reopen across the US. If you would like to read more about it, click here.

If you are interested in UV solutions for your business, click here.


In Conclusion

When we think about the future and innovation, our mind directly goes to a new phone, new electronics, or even flying cars. We never really think about innovations within our office space, but it is a huge possibility.

As lighting experts, this is how we imagine the future. For us, every single innovation is a contribution towards a better tomorrow. With time, we are confident in uncovering new technologies and adaptions to leverage for improved comfort.

But these five great fixtures are excellent starters. They are designed to increase comfort, efficiency, and productivity. Now you have more reasons to adopt one or more of these for your workspace.

Contact us at CodeLumen for professional help with the installation of these fixtures and any other lighting services you may need for your space. We are just a phone call away!

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