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6 Lighting Trends That Will Completely Transform The Future of The Office Space

The past few months have been a time to reflect and work on what is important. We have been in isolation as a result of a problem that affects the entire world. But despite these scary times, we have managed to keep a positive side while relishing the chance to bounce back and make things better. Offices as we know it may begin to change; the post-pandemic life will be better and stronger. Our offices should not be left out – there are tons of room for improvements.

Are you wondering what could change in our office space to make it better? It is no magic potion. Rather, it is light! Yes, light. Light remains one of the primary sources of power and energy around the work area. On a closer look, you will agree that light is one of the contributory factors to productivity in the workspace. A balance in lighting is a prerequisite for a productive and comfortable workspace.

Thanks to technology and innovation, the lighting game has switched up to whole new levels. Join us as we explore these advancements and how it can improve our work environment.

Trend #1 - LI-FI

Have you ever wondered what is more effective than the internet alone? Well, I've got the answer for you. It is LI-FI.

LI-FI may sound out of this world, but its exceptional qualities can be applied to many businesses. Technology has surpassed our expectations with this combination. LI-FI is a wireless communication technology that uses the LED lights to transmit data and, at the same time, provide a fast and efficient network connection.[1]

But how is this even possible? An electrical current is applied to a LED bulb, then a stream of light is emitted. The brightness of these LED bulbs allows the sending and modulation of signals at different rates. The said signal can be received by a detector, after which it is sent in the form of data. This modulation can't be processed by the human eye. However, it makes communication and connectivity seamless and efficient.[2]

Perhaps, you want to ask what does LI-FI has over the regular WIFI? The answer is not far-fetched. Despite both being wireless, the LI-FI technology utilizes VLC or infrared communication and near-UV spectrum waves, while WIFI uses radio waves. Here is another point to convince you about how incredible this technology is. LI-FI increases bandwidth efficacy by 100 times more than WIFI, plus it can transmit a connection at a speed of 224 GB per second.

Intelligent lighting systems also fall into this category. The LIFI transmission system is an intelligent networ