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Lear Corporation Increases Productivity and Efficiency with advanced LED Lighting Solutions


  • Photometric Study

  • Lighting Design

  • Lighting Fixture Specification

  • Product Delivery

Project Details

  • 250 Lighting Fixtures

  • 100,000 sq. ft

About the Client

Lear Corporation is one of the most profitable seating suppliers with leading positions on the market. It provides full production materials and industry-leading seat cover sewing expertise, including leather, fabric, seat structures, and mechanisms. Lear Corporation originated more than a century ago. Today, it has about 150,000 employees, reporting net sales above $18 billion in 2016.

Project Scope

Our main goals for the project were to (1) implement efficient LED solutions to save on energy costs and (2) increase productivity at one of the Lear Corporation facilities.

In a large-scale area like this one, it is crucial to meticulously calculate the required lux (1,000 lumens per sq. m.) for this specific type of lighting application. This calculation allows us to specify the proper quantity of lighting fixtures based on their functionality. We can then provide an efficient solution to save on energy costs, as well as an increase in worker productivity.

According to the American Society of Interior Design, 68% of employees complain about the lighting in their workspaces. Lighting is one of the most important components of vision, and vision is responsible for up to 85% of human perception of the world, It’s easy to understand why proper lighting solutions in the work area have a significant positive impact on productivity.


The main challenge with this project was to replace existing fluorescent lighting fixtures in this Lear Corporation working area with energy-efficient lighting fixtures. Specifically, we needed to increase the lighting by replacing lighting fixtures with higher lighting levels at a minimum 1,000 lux. That change would successfully provide the required lighting level for a specific work area while saving on power costs.

To successfully complete this project, we first needed to conduct a proper photometric study to learn the exact dimensions and plan the perfect lighting solution. We also needed to create a lighting design, which helped us determine the number of lighting fixtures needed, as well as the specific lumen output per unit.


As an overall result of the project, we replaced the old fluorescent lighting fixtures with modern, energy-efficient LED lights, which allows Lear Corporation to save 80% energy costs attributed to lighting and use more powerful fixtures with outstanding functionality for a minimum of 10 years.

Our choice of lighting fixtures was based on LED-efficient functional and striking architectural lighting, which is primarily used in commercial spaces. Working with all shapes and sizes of lighting fixtures, we offered the client practical, reliable, and modern lighting solutions at affordable prices.

Comfortable brightness of the lighting played an essential role in this project, especially for the sewing working station, where the specialists have to carefully work on the highest quality seat covers.


Passion for innovation and lighting design and a focus on the details inspired us to create our own project managing platform providing one turnkey solution. Creates Platform is a user-friendly tool that allows the client to save time and money by simplifying the detail-intensive process from start to finish. Once connected to digital architectural floor plans, our smart icon technology help us and the client plan, follow-up, and execute the project with the highest level of accuracy and results.

Smart icons are used to recognize the lighting fixture type and location within the floor plan. Once the user clicks on a smart icon, the user has access to all key data about the specified lighting fixture, such as spec sheets, installation sheets, and tracking numbers.

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