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Step inside Boston's Pizza lighting project

The sight of the Boston’s Pizza sign has different effects on different people. But in most cases, it makes you crave that whole sumptuous pizza. That special craving may also kick in if you’re at work and your co-workers’ food smells like Boston’s pizza. Oh, another reason to crave the Boston’s Pizza is when there is an important game, and there is no better place to watch it.

But have you ever wondered why you (and other people) crave Boston’s Pizza so much? Well, Boston’s secret lies in many things: its ingredients, its staff, its premises, and believe it or not: its lighting. Lighting plays a bigger role than you may expect; it ensures any good design is always functional. In summary, the great Boston’s Pizza tastes even better under perfect lights. 🍕

This project located in El Paso, Texas needed custom-made lighting fixtures to maintain exactly the same aesthetics of this restaurant chain and have them functioning as required.

Project Scope

Boston’s Pizza is a franchise characterized by an incredible dedication to quality service in a friendly environment. That is why the brand has grown into over 400 international locations, serving its customers with delightful experiences for over 50 years.

Our team was very excited to participate in this project by adding our touch of light. This project aimed to create a comforting glare-free lighting environment by combining different modern styles and shapes of architectural and decorative lighting fixtures. We wanted to create a modern pizzeria with a historical touch.

Considering Boston’s Pizza got in touch quite late, we had little time to execute the project. So, the first thing we did was show them how we would make it work: through our lighting platform. Once we acquired the floor plans, we could make a specification for each luminaire in the space.

Project Details

  • Location: El Paso, Tx

  • Area: 8,375 ft2

  • Number of Lighting Fixtures Used: 188

Product approach

Boston’s Pizza is also characterized by its incredible interior design, partly made possible by choosing the right lighting fixtures. Every designated area has a specific lighting fixture that fulfills the unique needs of that area.

Light can be a deal-breaker at mealtime. Therefore, restaurants must do all they can to get their lighting right. The need for a functional design is crucial, which translates to creating optimal lighting for each designated space in the restaurant. The design style varies depending on the activities that happen in each location and what the owners want the atmosphere in each space to convey.


The right lighting controls are essential to have the perfect lighting design. Controlling lights efficiently helps create the perfect atmosphere at any given point of the day and also plays a vital role in energy saving. Although lighting controls can get really messy, our engineering team made it easy as pie by ensuring the compatibility of every lighting fixture with the specified Lutron control. We also created a self-explanatory graphic plan to show everyone how to control each area’s lighting.


The icing on this lighting design project for us is our Lighting Platform, the Creates Platform. With this platform, we have made lighting projects a walk in the park. Our smart icons ensure that anyone involved in the project could see each fixture’s location and technical specifications. In addition, the DELIVERY tool makes it super-easy to keep track of every shipment. This array of tools and features help us to streamline the entire process efficiently.


  • Lighting Consultation

  • Custom architectural lighting fixtures manufacturing and engineering

  • CodeLumen Platform (Lighting schedule, floor plans, and spec sheets)

  • Project Management

The Outcome

We could conclude that the planets aligned to ensure we complete the project before the due date. But that was not the case. We have our customer obsession culture at CodeLumen to thank for the seamless and prompt completion. As always, our fully capable team delivered a perfect project on time, thereby fulfilling our promise of making our clients happy every time. We manufactured every luminaire with the best quality materials to delightfully light every area in the restaurant.

As a lighting manufacturer, we innovate and create energy-efficient lighting products that benefit our client’s bottom lines and the environment. If you’d like to learn more about our one-of-a-kind, high-tech lighting projects, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Credits: Some photos are from AARON E. MARTINEZ / EL PASO TIMES

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