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Lighting the New MC Capital Restaurant: A Mesmerizing Culinary Experience in Chihuahua, Mexico 

Project Location: Chihuahua, Mexico Lighting Project Development: New York Technology Used: Creates Platform
Grand Opening Night | Project Location: Chihuahua, Mexico | Lighting Project Development: New York | Technology Used: Creates Platform

Nothing brings people together like great food and an inviting restaurant atmosphere.  The newly opened Maria Chuchena Restaurant by renowned chef Oscar Herrera offers both—haute cuisine, and an absolutely magical ambiance.  The sophisticated dining experience is brought to life using high-quality custom lighting solutions by CodeLumen.

Lighting is often one of the most underestimated design elements when it comes to restaurant build-outs, but it has a profound impact on a customer’s overall experience. - Julio Gabbert CodeLumen Co Founder

Maria Chuchena is keenly aware of its guests’ needs and invests time and intentionality into providing expertly lit dining and entertainment. Located in Chihuahua, Mexico, a city known for its inviting nature and great food, Maria Chuchena opened the doors of its newest premises in October 2019.  Launching a new restaurant is no simple task. Even though this was not Maria Chuchena’s first establishment, it still required considerable effort. In terms of lighting, managing a new restaurant build is one of the most challenging. CodeLumen has been the lead on 10 lighting projects for this restaurant group since 2003. 


More people judge a restaurant by its lighting more than you think. Every year at CodeLumen we challenge ourselves to deliver trend-setting designs in lighting and high-quality fixtures. Some of the unique challenges we faced this time were: Merging light with architecture and interior design, choosing a color temperature that complemented the atmosphere, and arranging fixtures to set the tone for a pleasurable dining experience. 

CodeLumen was excited to get started on the latest Maria Chuchena project. It was a great opportunity to implement the full range of our services and products. We began with an examination of the floor plan and determined the finer points of the lighting project.

Maria Chuchena Architectural Floor Plan Without Lighting Design

After analyzing the floor plan, we started designing and manufacturing the custom-made CodeLumen lighting fixtures based on the following set of renderings provided by the architect:

Our team had four main objectives.

·      Energy efficiency

·      No Glare

·      Superb ambiance