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Louisiana Food Chain Popeyes Optimizes Time and Saves Costs When Collaborating with CodeLumen


  • Commercial Lighting Fixture

  • Franchise Decorative Lighting Fixture Supply

  • Product Delivery

Project Details:

  • 16 Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

  • 3,500 square feet

About the Client

Our client, Sun Holdings Capital—one of the biggest franchise owners in the United States, maintains over 1000 locations in eight states, including 293 Burger Kings, 150 Popeyes, 94 Arby's, 20 Golden Corrals, 31 Cici's Pizzas, 18 Krispy Kremes, 160 T-Mobiles, and others. CodeLumen was honored to do several projects with Sun Holdings Capital.

The Popeyes project was completed in partnership with experienced construction company Vercetti Enterprise in south Florida.

Project Scope

In 2019, Sun Holdings Capital decided to invest in a new Popeyes location in sunny Miami. For the upcoming project, they entrusted all construction to Vercetti Enterprise and lighting to CodeLumen. It’s important to CodeLumen to keep lighting projects consistent, from creating and designing a lighting package according to the franchise guidelines, to choosing the products which would fit the architectural lighting fixtures specification requirements. Franchise standardization is crucially important because it creates a trust factor among customers, and they can rely on the same high-quality delivery and interaction with your product no matter which location they go to. Lighting creates an emotional connection with the brand, and our solutions should exceed clients’ expectations. In order to do that we have to study every single product on the lighting schedule and choose what we can offer in terms of alternatives that would have the same lighting output, create vibe and atmosphere, and furthermore, be identical to other Popeyes restaurants.


Creating an exact atmosphere at a new Popeyes location with our lighting solutions was one of the challenges while working on this project. Our products should technically and visually be identical to the client’s specifications made by the architects for all Popeyes locations.

Another challenge in this project was to manage the project long-distance with multiple partners in different locations and time zones: CodeLumen’s headquarters are in the heart NewYork; CodeLumen’s manufacturing facility is overseas; the client, Sun Holdings, is in Dallas; the project and the general constructor, Vercetti, are in Miami!

When working on a new construction project, time is a very important factor and it's necessary to meet construction deadlines. Any delays are heavily penalized and can break the “performance bond,” which serves for the project owner as a financial guarantee that the project will be delivered on time.

As always, when the CodeLumen team works on a lighting project for a restaurant, we mainly focus on these points:

  • Defining the right lighting output

  • Choosing lighting fixtures with high CRI

  • Specifying the right color temperature

  • Choosing lighting fixtures with glare control

  • Organizing seamless logistics and delivering products on time


When it comes to delivering a successful project on time, communication is the key. Our secret weapon is an in-house-developed lighting project, where we can easily create, remove, change, and store all lighting specifications allocated throughout the floor plan while tracking the logistics and installation process. The client has the project at his fingertips! Everyone who works on the project has access to the platform and is able to track every single lighting fixture and see all the detailed information. Watch the video of our lighting platform:

Our own manufacturing of lighting fixtures allows the client to save money on lighting products and seamlessly adapt to the brand’s guidelines. In this project we used energy-efficient and glare-control lighting fixtures with high CRI (to find out why CRI is important, you can read this article), with a color temperature of around 2700K to produce a gentle, yellowish-white light to create desirable ambiance and a satisfying dining experience.

All deadlines were strictly adhered to, and as a result of this project, the client was satisfied with the project outcome. A new Popeyes location will be opened in Miami at the end of 2019.


Passion for innovation and lighting design, along with a focus on the details, inspired us to create our own project-managing lighting platform providing one turnkey solution for the clients. Our lighting platform, Creates AI, is a user-friendly tool that allows the client to save time and money by simplifying the detail-intensive process from start to finish. We utilized Creates AI to save time and money by eliminating the hassle and middleman.

Interested in learning more?

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