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Mission Possible: How Codelumen Lit a Franchise Restaurant in Less than 10 Days


  • Commercial Lighting Fixture Cross-Reference

  • Franchise Decorative Lighting Fixture Supply

  • Product Delivery

Project Details

  • 11 Different Types of Lighting Fixtures

  • 1,305 sq. ft

About the Client

Pokeworks is a Hawaiian-inspired poke food chain

Pokéworks is a fast-growing food chain founded in 2015 that serves Hawaiian poke. Poke is a dish traditionally made with fresh, raw fish and toppings such as onions and seaweed. It has been popular in Hawaii for decades and is now popularized by Pokéworks. The company has plans to expand throughout North America and worldwide, attracting more and more franchises. Our client was a Pokéworks franchisee.

Project Scope

This restaurant project required a precise, last-minute supply of cross-reference commercial and decorative lighting. We were asked to provide assistance with the lighting after the previous lighting contractor had problems sourcing the franchise’s decorative lighting fixtures on time. Our team took over by offering a turn-key solution on time and below budget.