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Multifamily Lighting Done Right By CodeLumen: Efficient, On-Time and Below Budget.


  • Product Specification

  • Contract Manufacture

  • Product Delivery

  • Project Organization and Management (Platform)


  • Hospitality Residential

Project Details

  • Location: El Paso, Texas

  • Area: 65,000 Sq. Feet

  • Five-story, 87-unit apartment complex

  • 624 Lighting Fixtures

About the Client

Family-owned Soto Enterprises hopes to spark a chain-reaction of economic redevelopment in the South El Paso area with a 4.75-million-dollar investment.

Project Scope

The Campbell Apartment Complex shares a different history than most of the surrounding architectures in Downtown El Paso that remain standing after almost a century. The five-story, 87-unit, modern living space was rebuilt from the ground up on the site of a previous apartment structure.

“…In the late 80’s we updated the building that existed before this one, because people deserve to live with proper amenities—to live with decency, like well—people. Our family has been part of Downtown El Paso for three generations. Having an opportunity to showcase what we love about Downtown, while helping to build its future is doubly exciting. We want folks who live at the 501 to become part of the renaissance with us.” —Joe Soto, family owner in Soto Enterprises.