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Step inside Rappi's lighting project: Delivered On-Time and 100% Remotely.

We all want a fast and convenient life. But with the way our lives are set up, it is becoming increasingly difficult to enjoy maximum convenience. We are forced to wait in long lines to shop to buy basics like meals or groceries – until technology, or Rappi, came into the picture.

There are a couple of top convenience-based techs out there, and Rappi is one of them. With a sterling unicorn rating, this brilliant Colombian Startup has introduced an innovative and efficient way to revolutionize essential everyday shopping.

The first step in solving a solution is understanding it. In this case, the inconvenience was the problem. Rappi – as the solution provider – started by understanding the need of the customers and how acquiring them has been a problem. The current world we live in, influenced by millennials, is devoid of convenience.

So, Rappi, among other things, is bringing convenience to the table. In 2015 in Colombia, Felipe Villamarin, Sebastián Mejía, and Simón Borreo conceived the idea of Rappi. It all started as a delivery service that ensures food and groceries get to people in their homes' comfort. This business idea continued to grow until it got noticed by the famous investor group Softbank. Softbank invested 5 Billion USD in the business and extended its tentacles around Latin America.

The fast rise of Rappi to become a reliable convenience-centered service company was not surprising. You know why? People have always wanted to be in control and get their needs met efficiently and fast. Rappi ensured exactly this and automatically became people's favorite. In the space of a few years, it has expanded to Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Peru.

This rapid but necessary expansion comes with a few requirements, notably a fantastic workspace where it can continue to deliver the exceptional service it's known for. Subsequently, Rappi was in the market for a suitable brand that can handle this project timely and adequately. To cut a long story short, CodeLumen ticked the necessary boxes and got the nod to take on the project.

Why choose CodeLumen?

CodeLumen is not a new name in the industry, with credits for several successful projects where it created and installed excellent lighting designs and high-end lighting fixtures. Rappi's reputation was an impressive one – another reason CodeLumen was ecstatic to work with such an innovative corporation.

It all started with a call from Mr. Ovier, an architect from Ibam Architectural Studio. He reached out to us interested in our lighting project design services for the Rappi Offices in Mexico City. But there is something unusual about the request – they want it completed as fast as possible. The lighting design was expected to be done in 2 weeks.

Was it a challenge? Yes, it was. But it was a welcomed challenge, and we did well to deliver just before the deadline.

How did we make that happen?