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Step inside Tekmovil's lighting project

There is nothing better for an office than having good lighting. Light can have a significant impact on workers' health and productivity. Without adequate lighting, work becomes a nightmare for employees, lowering their mood and efficiency and impairing their vision.

Tekmovil, the most important company in mobile tech in Latin America, understands the importance of investing in excellent lighting for its offices. We had the honor of collaborating with the International Architect, Ovier Gonzalez Loustaunau, and his talented team at lbam Studio to develop and implement the architectural lighting design for Tekmovil's new office in Mexico City.

Project Scope

Our goal was to transform Tekmovil's new space and create an enabling spatial experience for its occupants. The secret was pretty simple; to use lighting as an integral component of both architecture and interior design and establish that the value of lighting goes beyond the quality and the atmosphere it creates, the mood it sets, and the vision it enables.

Our team of professional lighting designers recommended using LED linear lighting for the minimalist, abstract, and modern look proposed for this project. LED linear lighting involves combining multiple 'light-emitting diodes' in a long, narrow casing to create a thin and clean strip of light.

The innovative architectural linear lighting fixtures used in this project are slim and powerful, offering a color temperature of up to 4,000K (bright white color temperature increases worker's enthusiasm the whole day). Adopting linear lights with more power means it is possible to reach a higher lumen level than that of the older led modules. This innovative LED technology has advanced and evolved over recent years, and more progress is expected.

Before now, there are limitations to the use of LED linear strips. But with the advent of these slim and efficient models, creating excellent designs is now way easier.

Project Details

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Area: 228.80 m2

Number of Lighting Fixtures Used: 20

Product Approach

After learning about the client's expectations on the project, we almost immediately knew the right approach is LED linear lighting. This lighting type is an innovative way to decorate a space, thanks to its very thin strips that release a lot of light power. It also removes the need to fill a room with the traditional spotlights, considering a simple linear modern lighting strip can provide even better light levels. The product is slim, low profile, and provides abundant lighting, just perfect for a workplace. Working with an open office concept, we created a design that looked clean and harmonious.

- LED Recessed Linear Lighting Solution / 4000K

CodeLumen LED Recessed Linear Lighting Solution

This is a highly efficient LED Strip Light with 153 lumens per watt, one of the best lumen-to-watt ratios for any LED strip light. It includes 168 LED chips per meter and a 12 mm wide circuit board. Each reel of waterproof, high efficacy LED strip light is 5 meters long and powered by 24 VDC. The inclusion of current control chips on the strip means it can achieve longer run lengths without any visible effects of voltage drop. This strip light is ideally suited for situations where you expect a high lumen-to-watt ratio from your lighting.

- LED Recessed Cove Linear Lighting Solution / 4000K

Architectural high-efficient LED strip light

- LED 8Ft. Architectural Lighting Pendant / 4000K / Black

The CodeLumen Via Light fixture signals an advancement in ambient interior illumination by combining a sleek design with energy-efficient performance. Aiming to reduce energy consumption and provide top-quality light output, the Via Light delivers up to 144 lumens per watt and an accurate color rendering for interior spaces. It also features an 85 CRI minimum with an R9 value of 69 or greater. With the Via Light, designers can now get more creative to create comfortable, uniformly-lit spaces while using 50% less energy than traditional fluorescent systems.

- LED 4-Inches Square Recessed Deep Regressed Downlight / 4000K / White

Here is a 4" square deep regressed LED lighting with anti-glare properties and an elegant design. The commercial-grade quality means it is built to last. Type ic, air-tight, and wet, which means no housing is required. The 3 1/2" depth makes it suitable for installation in places where there is a limited ceiling space or the presence of armored cable and metal connectors - open plenum rated. The driver inside the connection box with Romex quick connectors and knockouts guarantees fast installation without a junction box.

- CodeLumen Slim Blade

This is a single aluminum body case with Acrylic Prismatic Diffuser Lens. It is an integrated LED fixture with adjustable cable locking pins that allow the suspension height to be easily changed.


The COVID situation drastically changed the way our world functions. However, the CodeLumen team saw the opportunities in distress and rose to the occasion. With our platform, we efficiently deliver stunning lighting projects remotely without having to set foot on the job site. We are proud of how smooth this innovative way of handling projects has been and have adopted it for our post-pandemic pandemics.

CodeLumen Platform
CodeLumen Platform

Installing linear architectural lighting may appear easy, but it is practically technical because each linear section is a custom system that requires crystal clear communication between the electrician and the designer to function as expected. That is why we use the CodeLumen platform, which allows easy and friendly communication among the people involved in the process. There is a seamless interaction among everyone, including general contractors, electricians, architects, interior designers, owners, and lighting professionals, with everyone getting exclusive access to all project documents.

The cost-effective and efficient communication system the platform offers quickened the entire process. It also helped in other ways, including the provision of:

· Interactive planning system for designing the electrical floor plans and making them available to kickstart the project.

· Smart icon technology points you to all the relevant data in the project.

· An efficient communication facility for instant messaging, order tracking, deliveries, and possible delays in deliveries.

· Security and real-time accounting portal that helps to stay on budget and keep track of spending.

· Superior technology to access lighting specifications quickly, conveniently, and seamlessly.

To learn more about our platform, click HERE.


· Lighting Consultation

· Lighting Design

· Custom architectural lighting fixtures Manufacturing and engineering

· CodeLumen Platform (Lighting schedule, floor plans, and spec sheets)

· Project Management

The Outcome

The design team did an excellent job, as evident in the result of this project. We managed to establish a clean, minimalist, modern, and abstract look without stepping a foot on the job site. Our innovative remote platform made the entire project a walk in the park, right from the first phase of lighting design to product delivery and installation.

When it comes to digital projects in the lighting industry, perfectly integrated automation is crucial. The CodeLumen Platform helps save precious time and money by effectively managing the entire lifecycle of a project. It dramatically improves efficiency and ensures successful project delivery.

We want to thank the whole team for their hard work and dedication. We also appreciate the team from lbam Studio, Miguel Vingardi, and The Raws, for their important contributions. Working with such a talented team is always a great pleasure.

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