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Step inside Tekmovil's lighting project

There is nothing better for an office than having good lighting. Light can have a significant impact on workers' health and productivity. Without adequate lighting, work becomes a nightmare for employees, lowering their mood and efficiency and impairing their vision.

Tekmovil, the most important company in mobile tech in Latin America, understands the importance of investing in excellent lighting for its offices. We had the honor of collaborating with the International Architect, Ovier Gonzalez Loustaunau, and his talented team at lbam Studio to develop and implement the architectural lighting design for Tekmovil's new office in Mexico City.

Project Scope

Our goal was to transform Tekmovil's new space and create an enabling spatial experience for its occupants. The secret was pretty simple; to use lighting as an integral component of both architecture and interior design and establish that the value of lighting goes beyond the quality and the atmosphere it creates, the mood it sets, and the vision it enables.

Our team of professional lighting designers recommended using LED linear lighting for the minimalist, abstract, and modern look proposed for this project. LED linear lighting involves combining multiple 'light-emitting diodes' in a long, narrow casing to create a thin and clean strip of light.

The innovative architectural linear lighting fixtures used in this project are slim and powerful, offering a color temperature of up to 4,000K (bright white color temperature increases worker's enthusiasm the whole day). Adopting linear lights with more power means it is possible to reach a higher lumen level than that of the older led modules. This innovative LED technology has advanced and evolved over recent years, and more progress is expected.

Before now, there are limitations to the use of LED linear strips. But with the advent of these slim and efficient models, creating excellent designs is now way easier.

Project Details

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Area: 228.80 m2

Number of Lighting Fixtures Used: 20