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The 2019 New York US Open Shines Like Never Before, Thanks to LED Lighting

Put yourself in Rafael Nadal’s shoes, you are at 2019 US Open men's final match waiting for your opponent Daniil Medvedev’s serve. Medvedev is averaging a whopping speed of 118 miles per hour on his first serve, and you have exactly .47 of a second to identify the ball and react. To win the match, you will need to obtain a high rate of successful returns which rely heavily on how fast you can make visual contact with the ball. To make fast and clear visual contact with the ball you need excellent visibility, especially at a time when US Open prime time matches are being held in the evenings. How do you obtain excellent visibility?

As lighting specialists, our answer would be 5000 K Color Temperature, 90+ CRI, 120,000+ Lumen Output, and state of the art optic lenses for glare control. Or simply saying, optimal LED stadium lighting solutions.

In recent years, there is no doubt that LED lighting is transforming the way we watch night time/Indoor sports and tennis is definitely not being left behind. LED technologies are increasing the visibility factor in the sport which is highly important when you have a 2.6-inch ball flying at crazy speeds that can reach up to 163.4 mph, a record held by Sam Groth.

Since night tennis matches were introduced to the public, the attendance of tennis games has increased. Nowadays, thousands of tennis fans can enjoy evening tennis games. But how can organizers keep good views without compromising visibility on the court, which is crucially important for the tennis players’ performance? This is where LED lighting solutions have played an important role in improving the game of tennis.

Four lighting factors which influence the effectiveness of the tennis game:

  • Color temperature 5000k is the closest to the daylight possible, and it allows tennis players to see the ball clearly.

  • CRI affects the tennis players’ vision, allowing them to see crisp colors during the game (read more about CRI here). The more contrast the player sees between the color of the ball and the color of the field, the better the player’s reaction to the ball.

  • Lumen output is simply the power of light. The more the power of light, the better the vision during the game.

  • Advanced LED Optical Lenses help make sure players don’t get blinded during the game. The newest LED stadium lighting fixtures often have glare control features and accessories.

As lighting advanced over the last few years, tennis matches have seen major improvements. Compared to old metal halide fixtures with low CRI, the new generation of energy-efficient and extremely powerful LED is a real game-changer. When you choose a lighting solution for a sports venue, you have to consider LED lighting with the right lumen output, high CRI, and color temperature of 5000 k and up because it directly influences game performance and rate of success. It literally affects the game and player concentration, and it plays a dramatic role in the competition for victory.

On the 44th anniversary of the US Open, tennis courts are shining like never before with the new LED lighting solutions. A few years ago, the main tennis courts started to replace their old metal halide fixtures with the new gener