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About the project

The Desert Commons multifamily complex, comprised an expansive scope, including 450 apartment units, 9 buildings, and 12 different apartment layouts, along with amenities like a clubhouse, reception lobby, office spaces, a gym, a pool, and landscaped areas.

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The goal of this large multifamily complex was to design and manufacture custom lighting fixtures that achieve a comprehensive lighting strategy that encompasses architectural, commercial, decorative, and outdoor applications for all the different areas the project has. 

The lighting needed to be robust, secure, and weather-resistant for the exteriors, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Thus, the fixtures are designed to provide clear illumination for pathways and communal spaces, enhancing safety and visibility while accenting architectural features to elevate the complex's nighttime appearance. The lighting Within the apartment units is more intimate, with layers combining overhead ambient lighting, task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, and accent lighting to create a sense of warmth and home. Decorative elements, such as the pendant lights in common areas, add character and serve as a visual centerpiece.


The clubhouse and shared amenities required a versatile lighting plan that accommodated various activities and times of day, providing adequate illumination for functional use and enabling an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and socializing. Custom-manufactured fixtures offer the necessary lux levels and durability while maintaining design consistency across the complex. Each element of the lighting package was selected to ensure cohesion, meet the specific needs of different spaces, and contribute to the residents' overall comfort and enjoyment, fulfilling both the technical and emotional aspects of lighting design.

Desert Commons

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