San Antonio St.


El Paso, TX


- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Codelumen Platform


Sherr Legate

About the project

The lighting design for the law firm office building in downtown El Paso, Texas, employs RGBW linear fixtures that are managed by DMX signal protocol, a digital communication network used for stage lighting and effects.

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The use of RGBW fixtures allows for a broad spectrum of color mixing, offering the ability to create a variety of hues and shades. This capability is evident in the transition of colors along the building's facade, which showcases a gradient from blue to red. The inclusion of the white diode in the RGBW fixtures ensures that the colors can be softened to pastel tones or enhanced to create more saturated colors, which adds depth and complexity to the lighting scheme. The fixtures are likely chosen for their durability, energy efficiency, and ease of maintenance, which are essential qualities for outdoor architectural lighting.

The lighting strategy appears to be twofold: firstly, to draw attention to the law firm office building after dark, enhancing its presence and making it a standout feature in the downtown area. This is achieved through the vibrant color-changing effects that create a visually appealing spectacle. Secondly, the lighting serves to accentuate the building’s unique architectural elements, such as the battlements and texture of the façade, which would otherwise be lost in the night. The control provided by the DMX protocol allows for the lighting to be adjusted for different occasions or times, providing flexibility in the display and contributing to the dynamic atmosphere of downtown El Paso.

San Antonio St.

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