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The outdoor lighting strategy for Sessions, a climbing + fitness facility in El Paso, Texas, serves multiple purposes: ensuring safety, highlighting architectural features, and creating an inviting ambiance for patrons and passersby.

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The bollards' uniform spacing ensures that the light is evenly distributed, preventing dark spots that could be hazardous for visitors navigating the outdoor space. Their height and design are chosen to cast light downward, reducing light pollution and glare, which is particularly important in an athletic setting where patrons' visual clarity is essential. Additionally, the bollards' contemporary design complements the architectural language of the facility, with its industrial materials and clean lines.

The exterior lighting also includes strategically placed spotlights that accentuate the climbing walls visible through the large glass windows, turning the facility's main attraction into a vibrant display after sunset. This not only serves as an advertisement of the facility's offerings but also symbolizes energy and activity, aligning with the brand's identity. The lighting design creates a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment that supports the facility's mission to provide a top-notch sporting experience while also considering environmental and community impact through mindful lighting choices.


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