Westview Residence

Westview Residence


State College, PA


- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Codelumen Platform



About the project

The outdoor lighting design for the high-end private residence in State College, Pennsylvania, achieves an elegant and welcoming environment through a combination of functional and accent lighting that emphasizes architectural features and landscaping.

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Strategic placement of warm, recessed LED lights in the decking and stairs ensures safe passage while adding a soft glow that accentuates the wooden textures and modern design lines. These fixtures are likely chosen for their durability and low-profile design, which integrates seamlessly into the architecture without disrupting the visual flow from indoor to outdoor spaces. In contrast, the vertical lighting fixtures affixed to the house's facade serve a dual purpose: providing ample illumination for the property's exterior while creating a dramatic effect that highlights the height and sleek design of the structure.

Accent lighting is used to emphasize the landscaping, with spotlights bringing trees and shrubs into focus, which not only showcases the property's greenery but also contributes to the overall ambiance of the space. This thoughtful approach to lighting design not only provides practical benefits but also enhances the home's architectural beauty and creates a serene atmosphere that can be enjoyed after dark. The lighting design for this residence is not only about visibility and security but also about creating an environment that is both functional and inviting, showcasing the home’s design and natural environment in the best possible light.

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