Desert Bloom

Desert Bloom


El Paso, TX


- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Codelumen Platform


DEVO Design & Construction

About the project

The Desert Bloom project is about creating a human-centric lighting design integrating functional, ambient, and decorative lighting that promotes well-being, ensures safety, and provides a calming environment for patients and staff.

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The Desert Bloom pediatric clinic, features a lighting design that prioritizes human-centric solutions to promote comfort and well-being for both patients and staff. The exterior lighting utilizes a balance of functional, architectural, and decorative elements to create a warm, welcoming entrance, while ensuring safety and visibility in the parking and walking areas. Strategically placed illumination accents the clinic’s modern architecture and signage, making it stand out in the urban landscape, especially after dark.

Inside, the lighting continues with the theme of comfort and functionality. Overhead circular luminaires provide ambient lighting, subtly designed to mimic natural light, aiding in the regulation of circadian rhythms. This is particularly beneficial in healthcare settings where stress reduction and patient comfort are crucial. Task lighting at reception areas is carefully integrated to ensure a functional workspace without harsh glare or shadows that could be discomforting to young patients.


Decorative lighting elements add a playful and comforting touch to the interior, with fixtures chosen for their soft illumination and intriguing designs, contributing to a child-friendly atmosphere. The use of indirect lighting in patient areas reduces the potential for anxiety, while the choice of warm color temperatures throughout creates a calming environment, designed to help ease the stress that often accompanies clinical visits. Overall, the lighting design of Desert Bloom pediatric clinic achieves a blend of practicality, architectural enhancement, and therapeutic ambiance.

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