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El Paso Chamber of Commerce

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The renovation of the Franklin Mountains Star in El Paso, Texas, is a 500 feet long landmark symbolizing the community's blend of tradition and modern innovation.



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The lighting design for the Franklin Mountains Star in El Paso, Texas, showcases an innovative blend of aesthetics and technology. This 500-foot-long installation is emblematic, both as an urban landmark and as a representation of El Paso's community spirit. 

The design required 380 custom-made LED RGBW color-changing modules capable of withstanding the desert environment's severe weather and temperature extremes. LEDs speak to a forward-thinking approach, drastically reducing power consumption compared to the previous standard white LED bulbs and offering the ability to change colors, thereby enhancing the star's visibility and significance during various city events and celebrations.



The use of DMX protocol for lighting control allows for precise manipulation of the lighting effects, making it possible to create a dynamic display that can change to commemorate events, holidays, or seasons, effectively reflecting the pulse of the community. 

Finally, the significance of the Star for El Paso residents cannot be understated. As an initiative by the El Paso Chamber of Commerce, the renovation of the star from outdated lighting to a sustainable, efficient LED system represents both a nod to tradition and a stride towards modernity. This symbolic structure now not only continues its historical role as a guiding light and emblem of local culture but does so in an environmentally and economically conscious manner. The star's transformation, therefore, is a metaphor for El Paso's own evolution, preserving its heritage while embracing innovation.

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