Media Monks

Media Monks


Madrid, Spain


- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Lighting Controls
- Platform


Ibam Studio

About the project

The lighting design of the new headquarters of Media Monks in Madrid employs a strategic blend of direct and indirect lighting, tailored to enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the workspace.

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The entrance tunnel, with its crisp color changing linear lighting, immediately immerses visitors in a futuristic corridor, signaling the cutting-edge nature of the agency. It's a bold statement that represents the company's path as a guide towards the future of marketing. In the main office space, the lighting is strategically unobtrusive, with sleek, elongated fixtures that provide ample illumination for productivity while maintaining the area's minimalist aesthetic. This ensures the focus remains on collaborative creativity and the fluid exchange of ideas, crucial for a marketing agency's dynamic environment. The private office features an elegant circular light, creating a focal point that softens the room and offers a counterbalance to the formal business setting, facilitating both concentration and creative thinking. 

The kitchen lounge area adopts a playful approach with cloud-like fixtures, providing a diffuse light that encourages relaxation and informal interaction, which is essential for fostering a collaborative culture.
Overall, the lighting design across Media Monks' spaces is not just functional but symbolic, emphasizing the agency's commitment to leading the way in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. Each lighting choice underpins the company's philosophy: to revolutionize brand engagement by blending creativity and technology.

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