El Paso, TX


- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Codelumen Platform



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The lighting design for NBC Telemundo's new office space in El Paso, Texas, emphasizes functional aesthetics, flexibility, and a modern work environment.

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In communal areas and personal workspaces, rounded fixtures provide diffused lighting that reduces glare and shadow, creating a comfortable ambiance conducive to productivity and collaboration. These fixtures are suspended at calculated heights to balance illumination and design. In contrast, linear lighting elements are embedded in the ceilings of common areas and meeting rooms, providing a sleek, contemporary look that guides visual flow and underscores the architectural lines of the space. Additionally, linear lighting fixtures are employed to accentuate brand elements, such as the Telemundo logo, reinforcing corporate identity within the workspace.

The track lighting system, particularly evident in the newsroom and control rooms, offers directional lighting critical for tasks that require high attention to detail. It is designed to be adaptive, allowing for repositioning as the functional layout of these spaces evolves. This system also supports the technical requirements of broadcast environments, minimizing reflections and shadows on screens and equipment. The specification of lighting fixtures throughout the NBC Telemundo office takes into account color temperature control, energy efficiency, and the ability to integrate with smart building systems for automated control, reflecting a forward-thinking approach to workplace design.

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