Mexico City


- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Codelumen Platform


Ibam Studio

About the project

The Tekmovil headquarters in Mexico City presents a lighting scheme that is as innovative and forward-thinking as the company's ethos.

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Throughout the workspaces, a combination of direct and indirect linear LED fixtures has been used to provide uniform and comfortable illumination, necessary for detailed tasks and computer-based work. The linear fixtures are strategically placed to enhance the space's geometric lines, contributing to a sleek and contemporary environment. They offer a minimalist design that integrates seamlessly with the architecture, avoiding visual clutter and maintaining a focus on spaciousness and clarity.

Meeting rooms and communal spaces feature a mix of diffused overhead lighting and suspended linear elements, creating a well-balanced light that supports visual comfort during meetings and collaborative work. The lighting design is not only practical but also emphasizes the company’s forward-thinking approach by using energy-efficient LEDs, which minimize energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs. Overall, the lighting strategy in Tekmovil's headquarters effectively complements the architectural design, supports the well-being and productivity of the staff, and reflects the company’s innovative brand identity.


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