Mexico City


- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Codelumen Platform


Ibam Studio

About the project

The headquarters office space of Rappi in Mexico City reflects the company's innovative spirit and its commitment to driving progress through technology.

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The first technique observed is the use of large, circular pendant fixtures that act as a focal point and provide ambient lighting. This approach is prominent in communal areas, creating a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere. The soft, diffused light from these fixtures reduces glare and shadowing, which is essential for comfort in social and informal spaces.

Task lighting is another key element, seen in the use of linear pendant lights and recessed strip lighting directly above work surfaces. This targeted lighting ensures adequate illumination for tasks requiring focus and precision, improving productivity and reducing eye strain. Additionally, the linear fixtures contribute to a sense of order and direction within the space, guiding the flow of movement and providing visual structure.

Accent lighting is employed to highlight branding elements and artwork, creating visual interest and reinforcing the company's identity. The use of backlit panels and wall washers brings attention to the Rappi logo and decorative features, creating a vibrant and inspiring work environment. This strategic layering of lighting supports wayfinding, enhances aesthetic appeal, and creates a dynamic workspace that reflects the innovative spirit of Rappi.


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