Mexico City


- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Codelumen Platform

General Contractor

Edificadora Mavi

About the project

The lighting design for the new Birkenstock headquarters office space was thoughtfully executed to mirror the brand's character of clarity and functionality.

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The entry lobby area features circular-shaped pendant lights that serve as sculptural centerpieces. These pendants provide diffuse ambient lighting, which softens the space and creates a relaxed atmosphere for informal gatherings and breaks. The choice of these fixtures are intentional to craft a contrasting ambiance to the work areas, delineating spaces dedicated to rest and collaboration from those intended for focused work.

In the workspaces, we observe a combination of suspended linear lighting and exposed conduit track lighting systems that offer a modern industrial look while providing direct, task-oriented lighting. The linear lights are strategically placed to deliver uniform illumination across workstations, minimizing shadows and glare which is essential for employee comfort and efficiency.

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