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- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Codelumen Platform



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The lighting design for Quill, a cocktail lounge in downtown Dallas, Texas, appears to meticulously balance aesthetics, functionality, and comfort, achieving an inviting and sophisticated ambiance.

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The pendant fixtures with their wide, cone-shaped diffusers cast a soft, direct glow on the bar area, providing sufficient illumination for bar operations while contributing to the overall ambiance. Their golden accents reflect a chic, upscale vibe consistent with the lounge's aesthetic. The use of indirect lighting is evident in the cove lighting above the bar and lounge area, which emits a soft, diffused light that bounces off the ceiling, reducing glare and creating a subtle hierarchy of illuminated spaces. This technique not only highlights the architectural features of the arched ceiling but also provides ambient lighting that is flattering to patrons and creates a relaxed, comfortable environment conducive to social interaction.

The lighting design complements the lounge's interior, with its elegant marble bar and rich, velvet furnishings, by using a warm color temperature that enhances the textures and colors within the space. The strategic placement of lighting fixtures ensures that each area is well-lit without being overpowering, achieving a balance between shadow and light that adds depth and dimension to the space. The overall lighting goals of functionality, comfort, and style are achieved through a layered approach that combines direct and indirect sources, warm color temperatures, and dimmable controls to adapt the lighting to different times of the day and various events. This human-centric approach ensures that the lighting not only serves the functional needs of the space but also contributes to the patrons' enjoyment and comfort.

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