Weekend Gallery


El Paso, TX


- Lighting Design
- Custom Fixture Manufacturing
- Codelumen Platform



About the project

The thoughtful lighting design for The Weekend gallery in El Paso harmonizes ambient, direct, and indirect LED lighting to enhance artwork while providing a comfortable, adaptable space that respects natural circadian rhythms.

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At The Weekend gallery in El Paso, Texas, the lighting design is curated to enhance the viewer’s experience while respecting the natural circadian rhythms. The approach seamlessly integrates ambient lighting with natural daylight, using warm tones that echo the colors of the desert city, providing a comfortable, human-centric environment. The careful placement of track lights and linear fixtures ensures that art pieces are accented without overpowering the space, allowing for a natural transition as visitors move through the gallery. The gallery employs a mix of direct and indirect lighting to minimize glare and shadow, ensuring that each piece is viewed under the best conditions. The strategic use of suspended track fixtures adds depth and dimension to the space while complementing the industrial aesthetic of the gallery's architecture. 

The lighting is not merely functional but becomes an integral part of the visitor’s experience, enhancing the texture and color of the artworks on display. 

Sustainability and adaptability are key components of the lighting strategy, with LED fixtures selected for their energy efficiency and long lifespan. The design incorporates dimmable options, allowing for flexibility in lighting levels that can change to accommodate different events and times of day, further contributing to energy conservation and creating a versatile space that can host a variety of gatherings, from art exhibitions to social events, always with an emphasis on creating a unique ambiance through thoughtful lighting.

Weekend Gallery

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