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Alterra International

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The 9-story Marriott hotel and residence complex's strategic lighting design highlights its architecture, including 496 units with 12 different layouts, all illuminated sustainably with LEDs to enhance functionality, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

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The lighting design for the 9-story Marriott Hotel and Residence complex in Dallas, Texas, which also features 2 basements, is meticulously crafted to serve both aesthetic and functional needs. It provides a warm, inviting glow that accentuates the building’s modern architecture, including its beautiful reception lobby, office spaces, gym, and landscaped areas. A combination of uplighting and well-positioned luminaires underscores the building's facade, highlighting its presence against the cityscape, while energy-efficient LED signage offers clear visibility for both the Fairfield Inn & Suites and the TownePlace Suites, ensuring brand recognition. Safety and visual comfort are paramount in the lighting approach, with pedestrian pathways and entrances bathed in sufficient light to guide guests and residents. 


The external lighting design works in harmony with the interior glow visible through the windows, lending vibrancy and showcasing the bustling activity within the complex's 496 units, which boast 12 different layouts for hotel rooms and residence apartments. Sustainability underpins the entire lighting scheme, utilizing long-life LEDs that require minimal maintenance, embodying a commitment to energy conservation. This conscientious design choice reflects the complex's modern ethos, providing residents and guests with a bright and eco-friendly environment while contributing elegantly to the urban tapestry of Dallas at night.

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